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If the thought of starting a business in Malaysia has ever crossed your mind, then this is the first book you should read. Get an insightful look into the start-up industry from the eyes of the Malaysian Start-Up specialist, Marcus Teoh.

Learn how to start a business with only a RM199 capital, by adopting business models with a 100% success rate, proven by over 200 young entrepreneurs with no business experience and no budget. Take away lessons from real life stories, and use them in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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How can this book help you?

  • Understand and learn the ins and outs of running a business, and follow the footsteps of the Start-Up specialist himself - an ordinary person turned extraordinary.
  • Execute and duplicate proven purpose-designed business strategies and tricks that require little to no budget.
  • Get motivated knowing that you are not alone in your struggles - and be comforted knowing help is available.
  • Learn valuable lessons from real life scenarios from successful Malaysian entrepreneurs.

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Hailing from Malaysia, Marcus Teoh droned on for years with soul-searching questions etched on the back of his mind, looking for his passion in life. At the time, he thought Entrepreneurship was his passion but after transforming multiple business ideas into fully-fledged businesses, he soon realized his true infatuation was in teaching.

Today, he speaks to, consults and trains aspiring Entrepreneurs, and newly blossomed Start-Ups as well as gives Motivational Talks, Facebook Marketing Training, and shares practical takeaways from his own experience and lessons.

He is best known for his “Start a Business with only RM199” (#SWORM199) program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their first business on a bare-minimal capital, and his “Zero Budget Facebook Marketing” (#ZBFM) that helps budding entrepreneurs attract new prospects on the social platform while retaining the interest of existing customers.

In addition to business owners he has also serviced and advised property professionals, life and financial planners and marketing executives. He also contributes entrepreneurial articles to business dailies locally and internationally.

Marcus believes that being an entrepreneur leads to self-liberation in three aspects: finance, time, and locality.

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